Screening For Plagiarism

Jurnal Eksplorasi Akuntansi (JEA) applies Zero tolerance towards plagiarism. Every manuscript submitted into the Jurnal Eksplorasi Akuntansi (JEA) would be scanned using Turnitin (similarity check) then the editor decides the case of possible plagiarism. A similarity report would be provided to the author(s), and the JEA editor would conduct the following actions:
1. Similarity check result is more than 40%: The manuscript would be rejected (due to poor citation and/or poor paraphrasing, manuscript outright rejected, No Resubmission accepted).
2. Similarity check result is around 25-40%: The manuscript would be sent to the author for amendment (provide correct citations to all places of similarity and do good paraphrasing even if the citation is provided).
3. Similarity check result is lower than 25%:  Would be proceeded to substantive review or citation improvement may be required (proper citations must be provided to all outsourced texts).

In cases 2 and 3: The authors should revise the article carefully, add required citations, do good paraphrasing to outsourced text, and then resubmit the manuscript with a new Turnitin report showing NO PLAGIARISM and similarity should be lower than 25%.

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